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Albertard ready to take Everton

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Sam Allardyis said he was ready to take Everton if he got a suggestion from Goodison Park. Currently, the team is led by David Nansworth, who is also a permanent manager. Yesterday, however, his chances declined after the team lost to Leicester and stayed in the relegation zone. `I need to think about it if a call happens, ` said Aldrade. `There is no point in speculation at the moment. David Nansworth is head of the team. Everton will find it hard to get away from the situation he is in. The problem is not that they are not trying, but overall the team can not score a goal and record a match without letting it. These are the two problems. If you allow one, the other will be resolved. Last season, Allardyce took over Crystal Palace in December, when the team was on a point above the relegation zone, but led him to six wins in eight games analyzed by fixedsoccertips and the final 14th place. I`ve been in this position many times in the last three clubs I worked in. I would go back to the basics and show them exactly what I needed to get out of this situation. Sometimes it is not beautiful, especially during visits, but it is about giving and getting results. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the team and emphasize the strengths. The self-confidence must return, but you stick to the basics, trying to avoid a goal, said Sam.

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