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Newcastle lied Manchester United, misses defeating Mourinho`s team from point

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Newcastle came to a very valuable 1-0 victory over Manchester United. The success climbed the swarms from the falling area to 13th in the standings. Jose Mourinho`s team dominated seriously in the second half, but then he scored a goal. Matt Ritchie was the only goal in the 65th minute. United has missed some splendid goals and was punished. Mourinho remains without a victory at St. James Park in a championship match. His team remains second in the leagues, losing 16 points to Manchester City.

Newcastle could have begun in the fifth minute. The judge then judged a foul very close to the boundary of Smiling`s field of play. Gail`s shot was on the wall, but the ball dropped comfortably for Jonjo Shelvi. He shoots greatly, but De Hea intervened perfectly.

A little later, United`s defense did not do well with the situation again. Diame stole the ball from Matic and found Ayosse Perez, who shot well but the ball went to the right side of the bar. Swarms have an advantage in the first few minutes, often managing to build dangerous attacks, while limiting the opponent`s actions. Gradually the red devils started looking at the door of Dubravka. Marciall broke through on the left but the home side`s defense blocked his attempt to clear a shot. Then Alexis Sanchez managed to master the ball excellent, to deal with Newcastle defender and to find Lukaku in the penalty area, but the Belgian striker did not hit the ball.

In the 35th minute came the best situation for a goal from the start of the match. Mattich`s magnificent long lead brought Marciall alone against the home keeper. The Frenchman tried to shoot past Dubrovka, but he did a good job and he hit the ball with a foot.

The Newcastle players had serious claims for a Smelling vs. Gail offense in the 39th minute. The foul was obvious and the doubt was whether he was in the penalty area. However, the judge did not adjudicate. At the end of the first half, United could lead. Sanchez took the ball to Lukaku, but the ball was deflected and crossed the door.

Mourinho`s team came out motivated for the start of the second half and had a strong superiority. In the 53rd minute, United`s goal was canceled. Lukaku sent the ball into the net, but before that, Smiling was on the back of a defender`s opponent, and the Belgian pushed his opponent`s hands.

A little later Alexis found himself in the penalty box with a ball in his leg. The Chilean made several excellent fighters but his shot was away from the door. The guests claimed a penalty because the ball deviated from the hand of a swarf keeper. Sanchez missed a brilliant opportunity in the 58th minute when he was drawn from Valencia, walked around the goalie but delayed the strike to the empty door and Leyun managed to block him.

Surprisingly against the background of United`s better game by today soccer events in the second half, Newcastle took the lead in the 65th minute. Close to the middle of the pitch, Smiling`s simulation violation was adjudged. After the centering Gale managed to deflect the ball to the uncovered Matt Ritchie, who with a precise shot did not leave a chance?

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