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Barcelona will still offer Bernabeu for the final

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Once again in recent years Barcelona will insist the stadium of Real Madrid to be the arena in the final of the Cup of Spain. On Thursday, the Catalans defeated Valencia in the semifinals and secured a clash with Seville on April 21. So far, however, there is still no stadium to accept the trophy battle. According to the Sport newspaper of the Spanish Football Federation they sent invitations to representatives of the two clubs for the next Monday to appear in Madrid in order for the three parties to agree where the final will be.

Barca wants the choice to be Santiago Bernabeu, but as it has been for the last three seasons, this is most likely to be denied, because it can be seen as a clear provocation against whites who will not be happy to see howtheir big rival celebrates their stadium. The other suggestion of los cules is the atletico Madrid stadium - Wanda Metropolitano. The home of the mats is likely to be a good choice because Sevilla is demanding that the match from paid soccer tips be at a stadium in their city - Ramon Sanchez Pichuan or the Olympic Estadio de la Cartuha. It is logical to think that blagranas will not accept the opponent`s proposal. Barca is the winner of the tournament in the last three seasons. According to Sport, there is a possibility for the Catalans to insist even to change the date of the final because only three days later they can play a semi-final in the Champions League.

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