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Pep complained:The budget does not allow us to pay too high transfers and wages

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Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola says the club, which is known for its financial strength, can not afford to buy players for 80-100 million pounds because the budget does not allow it. For the same reason, `citizens` can not pay and such a high salary as Manchester United promised to Alexis Sanchez. When you have to deal with four tournaments, you need luck with the injuries, otherwise you need 22 top players for all positions, people do not believe, but today it is very expensive to buy 22 players, even for a club like City We can not pay their salaries There is a budget for transfers and we can not pay anymore In the future this may change but we have not paid 80-100 million for one player. , that we can not give such sums at the moment, so we need the academy, of course, we spent a lot of money, but they are not`I can assure you that we are not the only club in the world that spends money, ` Guardiola said. Manchester City reportedly has secured the transfer of Atletic Bilbao Ajmer Laporte`s central defender. Citizens will pay the franchise agreement to a ? 57m pledging franchise. That means the club will break its club transfer record, which Kevin de Bruyne is currently holding, for whom 55 million have been paid in 2015. The facts show that since the arrival of Guardiola at Etihad, Manchester City has spent the most money on selection than its competitors in the Premier League. The Spaniard, however, is right in saying that the club mentioned by archive soccer tips does not give the biggest sums to attract a particular player. His most expensive purchase so far is Benjamin Mendi, for whom 52 million pounds have been spent. Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea have significantly higher single-unit purchases in the face of Paul Pogba (89 million), Virginie van Dijk (75 million) and Alvaro Morata (60 million).

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