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Here`s what will happen if Bayern wants Timo Werner

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The central striker of the Republic (Leipzig) Timo Werner is one of the most prosperous in German football and it is no coincidence that he is already in the national team. The question arises whether Bayern (Munich) will not want it in its ranks. Over the past few days, both teams have played two games by buy soccer tips with each other, enabling contact between the leaders. This is confirmed by the Executive Director of Razenbalsport Oliver Mintzlaf. `We had nice lunches and dinners with Bayern`s bosses, whom we talked about, ` he said. - It was not a transfer of Tim Werner to Bayern. But if that had happened, we would be pleased to point out their contract. According to Mintzlaf, even the 21-year-old striker is not inclined to leave Leipzig. He is happy with us and we are glad that his future is related to the club. In our team Timo makes the next steps in his development and he himself does not need to say I was the best last season in the Bundesliga and I`m already in need of a new challenge. With us Werner has the opportunity to kick in the Champions League. We need him and we do not want to split up.

But the bull of bulls refused to reveal whether there was a redemption clause in the top scorer`s contract. The contract is up to 2020.

This week was unsuccessful for Werner because on Wednesday he missed the crucial penalty in the match for the German Cup and on Saturday he was removed in 22 minutes due to the red card for Leipzig.

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