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Misha Zverev paid a record fine

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Misha Zverev was fined $ 45, 000 after dropping out in the first round of the Australian Open. The German tennis player was punished according to the new rule imposed by the Grand Slam Board, which aims to limit the participation in the first round of players who have injuries but start the game and subsequently give up during their duels. The penalty is a record for a Grand Slam tournament by paid soccer tips tournament. The 32nd in the Zverev Schedule arrived in Melbourne with a trauma but nevertheless went out on the court in the first round against the Korean Hong Chun, and at 2:6, 1:4 in the second set he gave up and poured 60, 000 Australian dollarsfrom the prize pool. The new rule, called `Participation in the First Round, ` states that tennis players will be fined with the prize money if they are not presented on the court according to `professional standards. `The refusal during the meeting is one of the factors that will be taken into account. If the injured player withdraws before the start of the tournament, he pays half of his prize money to the first round. The player who gets in his place, the so-called `Luke Luser`, takes the rest of the prize pool.

Often injured players only mark a participation, refusing to play during the match, in order to collect the money from the prize pool, thus taking the place in the main scheme for some of the qualifying ones. The new rule aims to break these unsportsmanlike practices.

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