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Wenger:The penalty for Chelsea is an absolute farce

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was not very pleased with Chelsea`s 2:2 draw in the Premier League, although he admitted that it was just a fair result adviced by soccer partners in view of the two teams. He, however, criticized the referee for the penalty, which he judged as a violation of Ector Belerine against Eden Hazard in the penalty area.

There was a good game that could have ended. We managed to lead first, but then we were hacked by a referee decision. We felt like shot and could even lose the match, but fortunately we showed a strong spirit to get to 2:2. Ultimately, this may be a fair outcome, Wenger said. If you ask me about the penalty, I would say it is an absolute farce. If this is a penalty, then each match must play 10 similar. Anyone can claim whatever they want. Read the foreign newspapers, see what they are writing about, and then compare with what you wrote in English to see the difference. Here, too often, games are spoiled by factors that we can not control. All we have to do is keep playing the best possible way and hope that at some point things will come to our advantage, `added the Frenchman.

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