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Alan Pardew revealed the leadership of the Premier League seriously

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West Bromwich Albion`s management has sent a formal complaint to the Premier League for a compressed schedule of holiday matches. But it has not been honored, revealed Alan Pardew`s manager of the `thrushes. `West Bromwich will host West Ham later today and the match will be played only 51 hours after Arsenal. At the same time West Ham rests in the previous round, and the `hammers` have not had a match predicted by today soccer events since December 26th. `We had fair demands, but they were not respected, it would be difficult because they had six days to rest, and that`s our biggest problem so far. ` Games so often place players at a high risk of injuries. We all know there is pressure from the televisions to have matches so often and I understand that, but the League needs to be firmer and opposed to that, `said Pardew. `In the team there are players who are overwhelmed and will not risk their health. ` There should be no matches for two days, it is difficult for me to take it because we can not protect the players, `added the specialist. West Bromwich is in 19th place in the Premier League with 16 points, two less than 18 West Ham and three from the rescue zone.

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