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Nantes hit Angie with a penalty kick

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Nantes` team defeated Angie 1-0 in a match of the 18th round of League One. The only hit fell in the middle of the first half of the penalty. Then Roman Toma stumbled Leo Dubois in the penalty area and the referee pointed the white point. Emiliano Sala was right in the penalty shoot-out. In the second half, Yassin Bamuu received a second yellow card and left the canaries with a lesser person. However, Claudio Ranieri`s players managed to keep their success until the end of the game predicted by contact fixed soccer tips and thus congratulate the three points. In the rankings, Nantes is now ranked fifth with an asset of 30 points. This is, however, the goal of 17 leader Pari Saint-Germain. Angie, on the other hand, is penned with 15 points and many occasions for reflection on the club`s elite status.



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