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Atletico dropped out and Chelsea lost first in Group C

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Chelsea and Atletico Madrid ended in a 1-1 win in their Champions League group C games. Londoners had already secured a place on the 1/8-finals, but remained second in the final standings in the group. Atletico Madrid needed a mandatory victory for Stamford Bridge and a mistake against Roma against Karabakh in Rome to continue. None of the two conditions, however, took place and the `mats` continue in the Europa League. Saul Niege took Diego Simeonne`s lead in the 56th minute and gave hope to Atletico, but in the 75th Stephen Savic scored an own goal and Antonio Conte`s players defeated the defeat. A big game mentioned by fixedsoccertips made Atletico goalkeeper Jan Oblak, but his efforts proved to be inadequate for the Madrid players. The first major danger to one of the two doors was created by Fernando Torres. In the fifth minute, the former Chelsea player fired at Tibor Courtoa`s door, but after a ricochet in the body of a London-based player, the ball went into the corner. In the 17th minute Spain`s Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata shoots dangerously towards the goal of Jan Oblak, but the ball flies off the goal.

In the 23rd minute, Morata got a chance to shoot from a pretty good position after a break to the right of Victor Moses, but the Spaniard did not hurt the Cloud with his shot at the ground. A minute later the Cloud saved a new blow to Morata, and in the 36th minute Atletico`s Slovenian goalkeeper again showed his class. This time Davide Tzacaposta, with a strike across the border of the field, tests the Cloud, but the guard has reached out and killed.

Two minutes after the break, Antoine Grossman fired well with a foul, but did not make it difficult for Quartet to catch. A minute later, Cloud made another rescue, this time blocking Andreas Christensen. The dangers of the Cloud`s door in those minutes were shifting one after the other, but the guard was impassable, and in another interesting situation it prevented Morata from taking Chelsea forward. Just a few seconds before, Eden Hazard had a bit to score after a great individual action of the Belgian star.

In the 53rd minute Philippe Luis hit a beam with a nice shot with his left foot. The Brazilian left back was around the border of the penalty area and his shot met the left side of the Curtoa. Saul Niges got a chance to add a head but the Belgian goalkeeper saved.

In the 56th minute Atletico came forward in the score. After cornering Torres with a head and left alone Chelsea defender Saul, also with his head, pushed the ball in the door of Kurtoa.

In the 67th minute, Christensen made an incredible pass, and from close range he missed Atletico`s empty goal with a center after a left. A minute later Cloud once again responded in a brilliant way and did not allow the ball to end up in his net, and along with Luis Jimenez prevented a Chelsea footballer from realizing a hit.

In the 75th minute Hazard received the ball at the border of the penalty area, invaded the pennant and fired. Stefan Savic departed the ball, but right in his own door and so Londoners equalized the score. Seconds after Savich`s own goal in front of Morata was discovered

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