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Tennis star: As a child, my dad beat me, but that was not the worst. . .

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Former female tennis star Jelena Dokic revealed shocking details of her life. The Australian was systematically mistreated her father. He beat her, kicked, pulled on his hair and spat on his face after a loss.
Jelena, who has reached No. 4 in the world rankings and Wimbledon`s semi-final, describes her nightmare experiences with Damir Docic, who was also her coach, in her biography book to be released this week.
He struck me really cruelly, `Dockych, 34, told Australian Telegraph Sunday. - Practically the violence started on my first day in tennis. And he quickly got out of control.
When she was only 17, she lost to Lindsay Davenport in the Wimbledon semi-finals in 2000. When he heard his father after the game, he warned her not to go to the hotel where her family stayed. The panicked girl tried to sleep inthe area for contestants in the complex. Eventually, the employees contacted her agents and arranged the stay at another hotel.
Damir Docic lives in Serbia and refuses to comment on the Australian media. The excerpts from his daughter`s book and video interviews sparked a wide debate about how no one has ever intervened in a situation of obvious domestic violence.

The Australian federation supported Docic in the desire to reveal the truth. The headquarters made it clear that one of the employees had alerted the authorities to the case.
At that time there were many people in tennis who were concerned about Jelena and wanted to help. We filed a signal with the police. However, without the assistance of those directly involved in these difficult family relationships, it is impossible to conduct an investigation, says the official position of the organization.
At the peak of Docky`s father`s career he was forbidden to visit the WTA tournaments. He was constantly involved in noisy scandals, even accusing Australian Open-winning organizers in fixing the 2001 lot. Damir Docic spent some time in jail for deadly threats to Australia`s ambassador to Belgrade and illegal possession of weapons.
Docic begins training at the age of eight. The family emigrated from Belgrade to Sydney in 1994. In 1998, Jelena won the US Open girls` title and played for Australia for the Fed Cup. A year later, she dropped Martina Navratilova in the first round of Wimbledon and became the lowest-placed racer, eliminating the first placed in the Grand Slam race. In 2001, she accepted her father`s request to compete for Serbia after the Australia Open Cup scandal.
After reaching No. 4 in 2002, Docic collapses to No. 600 in the rankings after a series of injuries and depression. In 2009 he surprisingly reached the 1/4-finals in Melbourne and reveals that she has long since been estranged from her father. Jelena retired in 2014 with five top-level titles.
The most hurt me was not the physical, but the emotional violence over me. When you are 11-12 years old and you hear all these terrible things. . . It is really very difficult.

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